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Wellness Workshops

Fun. Creative. Down to earth.


Wellness workshops to indulge your curiosity about nutrition topics, created, curated and presented by the Registered Dietitian. You will be learning legitimate, science-backed nutrition information, without having to sift through all the fluff.


Down to Earth Nutrition holds in-person workshops with our like-minded collaborators! Starting October 2022, Down to Earth Nutrition will be partnering with Fit2Shine Studio for in-person Wellness Workshops!

Fit2Shine Studio is another local, woman-owned business in New Market, MD. We LOVE Fit2Shine not only because of the atmosphere, but because they are another inclusive and anti-diet establishment! 


Check out the current Wellness Workshops.


We believe that bodies are cool and sometimes we need to be reminded of that! Join us for a Saturday evening among friends kicking off our 'Rethinking Wellness' series with a Bodies are Cool Vision Board Workshop. 


Think 1990s sleepover with friends breaking out the magazines to make a collage that showcases your favorite things, goals, hopes, and dreams. Envision a new story about yourself and wellness... one where you recognize the awe of your human body, where you show love and respect toward it, and where you cherish it forever and ever. 


Imagine YOU loving YOU. It's time to remind ourselves just how COOL our bodies really are. You'll leave this workshop feeling inspired to embrace the body you're in, take home practical ways to honor and respect it, and with a framed vision board as a reminder that you can hang by your desk, in your movement space, or by your mirror to remind you each day.


This workshop is led by Kelly Jarvis of Fit2Shine Studio, a fitness and yoga instructor, mom, and natural encourager, and Cristina Luibil of Down to Earth Nutrition, a registered dietitian focused on sustainable nutrition, lifelong wellness, and kicking diet culture to the curb. Cost is $55 and all you need to bring is a yoga mat and an open mind....and maybe a friend! Gentle movement and light snacks will be included.