The Origin Story of Nourish Your Mind Book Club

"...we wish we had more brains to discuss it all with!"

Have you ever had this thought about something you were intrigued by?

That's what Sam - fellow RD and biz bestie - and I said to each other in January 2022, three weeks before we launched Nourish Your Mind for the first time. Not only were we intrigued, but we wanted to talk about all the things!

Why a book club?

Nourish Your Mind started with two dietitian friends from college who were reading these great anti-diet, Intuitive Eating and Health at Every Size®-focused books and discussing amongst each other, and thought, "we wish we had more brains to discuss it all with!" The thing is, we realized most of our friends weren’t quite sure what we meant when we said “non-diet”, and sometimes our RD friends in different areas of dietetics weren’t aware either. Then came the idea for Nourish Your Mind Bookclub!

We wanted to create a community to hold space for those who are ready to explore the non-diet approach and learn to nurture their bodies without taking the lead from diet culture. There are so many great books out there, and we wanted to guide others through discussions that we were already having, while building a community around Nourish Your Mind. Though the RD besties don't collaborate as regularly, Cristina is able to bring Nourish Your Mind to you through Down to Earth Nutrition.

How is Nourish Your Mind Book Club different than others?

Well, it’s not your typical book club. First and foremost, you get a trained registered dietitian and certified intuitive eating counselor to engage with in a private space about non-diet topics related to the chosen book. The books can include sometimes-hard-to-talk-about topics surrounding food, nutrition, eating, sometimes body image and how that can relate to food and eating… the list can be endless because food and eating are everywhere.

Next, everyone is provided weekly reflection prompts about the books, which current members find helpful in digging deeper into the material and how it might relate to their own experiences.

Lastly and most importantly, with Nourish Your Mind Bookclub, you will find an outlet for community and social connection with like- and open-minded people to talk through tough topics that we are all passionate to learn more about. The connection provided by the discussion groups is important, and it is heightened by the private community to continue the conversation in. It helps embody "community care". In our humble opinion, it doesn't get much better than that.

Though Sam and Cristina don't collaborate as regularly as before, Cristina has brought the Nourish series to Down to Earth Nutrition, and Sam always has a reserved spot to pop in as an expert dietitian in our space.

Check out the full Nourish series here.

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Sam & Cristina

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