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Nourish Your Life

A down to earth support group to explore every day situations with Intuitive Eating

Continue your journey with a safe and comfortable community to explore Intuitive Eating and reject diet culture.


We will dive into the real-life situations where the diet mentality will likely sneak in, and how to steer your way out of them using the Intuitive Eating framework.


Nourish Your Life offers support and guidance through an anti-diet lens. The sessions will help you to utilize the Intuitive Eating Principles as your personal accountable space, so you do not have to partake in

conversation(s) you do not want to have related to diet culture.

Examples of topics to be discussed include (and are not limited to):

🪴 Food and body conversations with family and friends

🪴 Holidays and celebrations

🪴 Work place "nutrition" chatter

🪴 Social media

🪴 Vacations and big life events

🪴 Eating out with groups or dates (romantic or platonic)

🪴 Fitness groups and spaces

🪴 School and college

🪴 Anything else that comes up in every day life

The support group is held the second Monday of each month starting in January 2023!
Sessions are held on Zoom from 7-8pm EST.
Cost is $50/session.
Please check out our FAQs below!

Frequently Asked Questions:

​Why did you start Nourish Your Life?

From lived experience navigating Intuitive Eating, Cristina, the dietitian and owner of Down to Earth Nutrition, knows just how beneficial and liberating it can be. Intuitive Eating truly is life changing! 

Also, and most notably, members of Nourish Your Body were asking for a supportive environment just like this! To continue their Intuitive Eating work with other open-minded individuals in a community setting.


Down to Earth Nutrition wants to provide an ongoing support group for those who don't consider themselves a "beginner" on their Intuitive Eating Journey anymore, yet would still like professional support. Nourish Your Life is situational and comprehensive, and still low-key enough for busy lifestyles.

Who is this support group for?

If you are someone who:

🪴 has rejected the diet mentality;

🪴 still feels a bit hesitant with some IE Principles in "real life";

🪴 is in the process of healing their relationship with food;

🪴 deals with the external food police too often in every day life;

🪴 wants to learn how to politely handle unwanted food/body talk;

🪴 not required but encouraged: has completed the Nourish Your Body program (or similar), completed the Intuitive Eating Workbook on their own, or read Intuitive Eating (4th Edition) in full.

then this support group is for you!

I'm very intrigued! How does it work?

Nourish Your Life is a once monthly (second Monday of the month) support group for those not brand new to Intuitive Eating. We'll meet monthly for 60 minutes to connect with other intuitive eaters and discuss how to use the Intuitive Eating framework in our every day lives, especially if/when diet culture pops up. 


Between sessions, you'll have the option to join a private community for Down to Earth Nutrition clients only, called "Staying Nourished" (hosted on Facebook).

Here are the easy steps to join Nourish Your Life:

Step 1. Click the link below to purchase and schedule your first session and (if you don't already have one) set up an account in the Down to Earth Nutrition secure portal (called Healthie).  

Step 2. Join your session to connect and be in community with other intuitive eaters. 

Step 3. Utilize the client-only private community, "Staying Nourished", to keep in touch, get support, and chat between sessions. 

Step 4. Continue to Nourish Your Life and putting in the time for YOU towards your Intuitive Eating Journey! You'll be able to easily register for monthly sessions via Healthie.

Step 5: The BEST step! Continue YOUR journey towards becoming an intuitive eater, with the continued support of Cristina and other intuitive eaters.

Please note, because this is a group program, we need 4 attendees per session to host each week. So please grab a friend!

How much does it cost and how long are the sessions?
The support group is $50/session and sessions are held once monthly (first Tuesday starting January 2023!)

Session are 60 minutes long (7-8pm EST) and are held on Zoom.

Membership option: If you do plan to commit to all monthly sessions of Nourish Your Life (12 sessions/year), you can do so as a yearly member and we will gift you the following book with your membership: Intuitive Eating for Everyday: 365 Daily Practices & Inspirations to Rediscover the Pleasures of Eating by Intuitive Eating cofounder Evelyn Tribole, MS, RDN. This is a really fabulous book; it's one of my top 2 favorite anti-diet books! I reference it often in the DTEN private community, Staying Nourished.

Membership options for regular, ongoing Intuitive Eating group support are:

Monthly: recurring $50/month for 12 months

Yearly: $600/year up front for 12 months

Both options will receive the Intuitive Eating for Everyday membership gift. Details will be outlined in a Group Program Agreement.


Cool! Is there anything else I should expect?

We expect all group participants to be under the routine care of a physician.


A mental health provider, such as a therapist or counselor, is also a beneficial addition to a health care team. We encourage program participants to have an open mind if they feel they want or need to talk with mental health professional. 

NOTE: if you are currently suffering from and/or are in early recovery from an eating disorder, please consult with your treatment team (therapist, RD, MD) before joining, as participants may be reflecting on their own lived experience during the group sessions.

Got it! So, if I join, does that mean I can talk to Cristina about personalized nutrition issues?

Joining Nourish Your Life only means that you are joining this group support program. It does not mean you have an individualized nutrition counseling contract with Down to Earth Nutrition. Complete details are outlined in the Terms of Use and Group Program Agreement.

If you are a Maryland resident and would like information on individualized nutrition/intuitive eating counseling, please click here.

So, do you want to keep this journey going?

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Are you still unsure if this is the program for you? Contact Cristina and let's talk about it! 

Read more about Cristina and her qualifications here!