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Group Nutrition Support

Ready to establish sustainable habits with your friends? Feeding opinionated kids? Living with a significant other? Whatever the situation, we’ve got the right fit for you!


You’re probably thinking, “what does group nutrition support look like?” and that is a GREAT question! This would be a good fit for any type of group dynamic with similar nutrition desires and outcomes in mind. Whether it be friends or family, you'd be able to work through challenges and work toward success together. Through the support of the Registered Dietitian, counseling and education would be tailored to your group's needs. Building that sustainable lifestyle takes a village, and it is easier when everyone is involved and on board.


Group support transformations can include:

  • New parents or seasoned caregivers who are not quite sure how (or what!) to feed their baby when it's time for solids.

  • Expecting parents in the third and fourth trimester with baby on the brain, forgetting that they will need to eat too.

  • Families with children craving calm, nutritious, and satisfying mealtimes.

  • Busy couples sick of thinking about packing a lunch or what to cook for dinner.

  • Mothers, daughters, friends wanting to ditch diet culture for good.

  • Friends or family tackling a wellness journey together.


There are so many ways group nutrition support could work for you!

Group Nutrition Support with Down to Earth Nutrition provides:

  • Group nutrition counseling via telehealth

  • Care and support with a non-diet, weight-inclusive approach

  • Sustainable nutrition goals tailored to your group's wants and needs

  • Access to an exclusive nutrition app, called Healthie

  • Food + Feeling Journaling via Healthie for use between sessions

  • Community chat with RD via Healthie for accountability and support

Group nutrition support investment:

Per person: $499 for 4 weeks of sessions (2-4 people, investment is per person)

Please inquire for groups larger than 4 people

Cristina was the absolute best resource I had when I started introducing solids
to both my little ones. Introducing solids is scary and stressful and Cristina really helped me enjoy the process of it all while ensuring safety and proper nutrition.
I can’t thank her enough for giving me such an amazing experience with my kiddos which continues through their toddler years. Both my kids started solids differently (my second didn’t take to them as well as my first) and Cristina was so great at helping me learn his cues and adapt to their differences! She helped me feel confident and reassured me every step of the way.